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Name:galaxy cauldron
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Community description:A dressing room roleplay set in the Sailor Moon franchise. Open to all characters!
The Galaxy Cauldron is the birthplace of all stars, and thus, all life. Located at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, this peaceful, holy place is caught in the center of a near-endless struggle. Sailor Cosmos, the ultimate form of Sailor Moon, has been at war with Chaos, the embodiment of evil fueled by intense loneliness. Cosmos and Chaos are vying for control the Cauldron, the nursery of all Sailor Guardians. Star Seeds, the source of power for Sailor Guardians and their allies, continue to flow out of the Cauldron, but for how long? With whose influence?

Something has fueled a storm. It's strong enough to tear dimensions, inadvertently connecting them, and there's no telling if or when it'll happen. Or where, or who or what may come through or be pulled in. Fixing it comes second to understanding the meantime, take care.

Galaxy Cauldron is a relaxed roleplay set in the Sailor Moon franchise. We welcome the following characters:
❤ Canon characters: All the Sailor Guardians, villains, and supporting characters from any Sailor Moon canon.
❤ OC senshi: Original Sailor Guardians created by you! Always wanted to see a Sailor Sun or other Guardian from your imagination? You can play them here.
❤ AUs: This includes canon characters with alternate histories and characters from other series altered to fit Sailor Moon (Sailor Vegeta, anyone?). Perhaps they have a Star Seed strong enough to qualify as a Sailor Crystal, are a hostile alien, or are just a regular person not sure what to make of the killer power of love.

This being a dressing room, duplicates of all characters are allowed and should be expected. Additionally, though the name's Galaxy Cauldron, you can set your posts/threads in any time or place of the Sailor Moon franchise - the Silver Millennium, modern Tokyo, Crystal Tokyo, Sagittarius Zero Star, etc.! Just expect odd company to drop by (see Rules for specifics).

We encourage characters of all kinds to join us, especially villains! Please check out the Resources link or contact us directly for more information. An FAQ will be added if we get ample questions.
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